High School Students Sing ‘Battle Hymn Of The Republic’ On A Plane To Honor A Fallen WWII Soldier

This gives me straight chills. When coming back from a trip to Europe, a group of students decided to honor a fallen WWII soldier whose remains were being transported on the plane. While the passengers sat and waited for the remains the WWII soldier to exit the plane in Houston, the choir sang Battle Hymn Of The Republic as a little tribute. via ABC:

It was on that flight that Cupp observed a group of high school students from the Iowa Ambassadors of Music serenade a full plane as a uniformed Army private escorted the remains of a World War II soldier home to Houston.

“Glory, glory hallelujah,” sang the group in the one-minute excerpt of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” that Cupp caught on video. The students were part of a group of 350 musicians from across Iowa returning home from a three-week tour in Europe.

The group started singing after the plane landed, when the pilot announced the private would be exiting the plane first.

Just a reminder that, when it comes to honoring our heroes here in America, there’s nothing like the spirit of people. Bravo to all these fine young men and women. In a week that so desperately needed some Bro moves, they picked the biggest one of all.

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