Beach Bro Knocks Down Three Bros With Three Consecutive Punches

by 4 years ago

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Is it just me, or has Spring Break lasted for like five months this year? Or maybe this was a July 4th fight? I have no idea, but perhaps Huntington Beach is just one of those places that is in a perpetual state of Spring Breakdom. I hope to never go there.

Bro on bro violence needs to stop. If bros can’t respect each other, how do they expect the rest of the world to respect them? I guess when you have this many tank-tops and boardshorts in such close proximity, you’re asking for trouble.

You gotta give props to Multi-Colored Boardshort guy for handling his shit. Three quick punches and three stunned bros. Although, I’m not sure why they each wait for their friend to get knocked down before approaching to take their beating. It’s like in the movies when there’s like thirty bad guys and one hero, but instead of all rushing the hero at once and stomping his face in, they attack one by one, and are made easy work of. Stop learning how to fight from watching Three Ninjas.

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