This Summer’s 7 Best Beach Lifehacks That You Might Not Know

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It’s summer and that used to only mean we had one thing to look forward to: the beach. But summer has evolved and now, along with the beach, we also have one of the biggest music festivals of the year to look forward to. So we ask you this: do you want to win a trip to Chicago’s most anticipated music festival this summer? Submit your most innovative party hack photos on Twitter using the hashtag #MikeHackTheParty and you could see your hack come to life at the Woven House party sponsored by mike’s hard lemonade.

Until then, here are 7 lifehacks to help you enjoy the beach a little more than you already do.

1. Unfortunately, there are a lot of thieves roaming around America’s beaches. However, they know they have to work fast so they often don’t think to look in common places, like an old, cleaned out bottle of lotion. 



2. On a hot summer day, having a bevy of cold drinks at the beach is a must. Keep yours cold by filling several water bottles halfway with water and freezing them overnight. Then, in the morning, pour water (or a mike’s hard lemonade if the beach is alcohol friendly) into the bottles prior to putting them in your cooler. 


3. Did you know that baby powder — FREAKING BABY POWDER — can be used to easily remove all that annoying sand you always have stuck to you when you leave the beach? Yeah, neither did we, until now. 



4. Put your phone in a Ziplock bag to keep it safe from water, sand, and anything else you might spill on it. When your phone is in the bag, the touch screen will still be usable so while you’re working on your tan you can also work on your social life. 



5. Everyone eats bread (well, almost everyone), save a few of your bread tabs throughout the year so you’ll have a quick fix if your flip-flops betray you and break while you’re at the beach. 



6. If you don’t want your hands to burn with the rest of your body after you return to your car from a hot day at the beach, turn your steering wheel to 180 degrees before you hit the sand. This way, when you get back to it, the top of the wheel won’t be on fire when you touch it. 



7. If you don’t live near a beach, turn the bed of a pickup truck into a mini-pool using a only a tarp (and water). Now, that’s the kind of American ingenuity that makes this country great. 


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