This Beanie Baby Is Worth $93,400 So Go Suck Up To Your Grandma For Her Collection


Beanie Babies were all the rage back in the 1990’s for no other reason than the time someone told someone else something like “Hey I think these could be valuable in maybe like 20 years for no reason whatsoever,” then that rumor spread and got everyone to start collecting them in the hopes that they’d become overnight millionaires come 2007. As I’m sure you know, this never happened. Beanie Babies are still worthless stuffed animals that serve no purpose other than to sit in your grandma’s house and collect dust.

Well…except for one.

A young couple from the United Kingdom recently discovered that the beanie baby they had purchased from a garage sale for just $15 has the potential to actually be worth around $93,400 on eBay. Why? Because it’s one of only 100 “first edition” Princess Diana bears made after her death in 1997.

The first edition Princess bears were created in 1997 to raise money for the Princess Diana memorial trust. Only 100 of them were made, so they are quite valuable. The second and further editions of the bear are worth a lot less money.

Another Diana first edition is currently for sale on eBay for £75,000 and has over 250 people on its watch list.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple will start bidding at £25,000. This might be a bit presumptuous however, as we found the bears listed from around £3,000.

Still, even if they only get £3,000 for it that’s still a big profit!(Via)

The only catch here is finding someone who:

A. Has $93,400
B. Is dumb enough to blow said $93,400 on a stuffed animal

Just because it’s worth that much doesn’t mean you’ll find someone to buy it, so keep that in mind as you butter up your grandma to give you her collection for free.

Oh, and according to the blog TY Collector the bears currently being sold on eBay go for lower prices, although that’s not to say that the 100 first edition bears aren’t worth thousands on thousands of dollars.

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