Watch This Guy’s Family Freak Out After Seeing Him Without A Beard For The First Time In 14 Years

Once a man picks a look, he pretty much sticks with it until he’s dead. He might tweak it, tinker, change it up slightly but for the most part men are lazy as hell and once we like something we ride it out forever.

In this ad for Life razor blades, a 44-year-old bro named Amit shaves off his beard of the first time in 14 years. His kids have never seen him clean shaven and, as the video shows, it’s been a long time since his family and friends have seen his bare face.

Most interesting in this video titled “My New Face” is the honesty from Amit about his reaction to shaving the beard. He basically was close to a breakdown, afraid of losing his power and vitality. Real, honest stuff right there from Amit.

Pay close attention to how his dad has no god damn idea who he is and how his wife wants to bang him again. Real, honest stuff right there.

[via GQ]