Girl Fills Up Guy’s Beer Bong, Guy Immediately Blows It All Back Through The Bong And Straight Into Her Face (VIDEO)

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that’s what you get for helping a guy drink his beer. Lesson learned: never help anyone, ever. Stick to yourself and climb your way through the dense and humid jungle that is life until you make it to the top, then go ahead and spit on everyone who tried to fuck with you.

The first guy on this chick’s shit list? “Monkey Man.” Monkey Man is about 50 years from death by natural causes, but if this chick makes it to the senate? 30 years. If she becomes a state trooper he’s got 10, and if she completely bombs out and winds up as a McDonald’s register worker at least she’ll be able to spit in his food like he spat in her face. Fair is fair is fair.