Meet The Bro Who’s Trying To Drink A Beer In Every State To Raise Money To Fight Childhood Cancer


Todd's Pour Tour

Bros love beer, especially the sudsy deliciousness of a premium craft brew. But you know what they love ever more? Kicking cancer’s ass. In 2014, Connecticut Bro Todd Ruggere embarked on a quest to travel to all 169 Connecticut towns to have a beer in each one while raising money for a great causing: Fighting childhood cancer. He raised over $50,000. This is on the heels of his quest in 2013 to travel to all 351 Massachusetts towns for a beer, which raised $40,000 for cancer research. Now Ruggere is taking one step further: Traveling to every state in the United States over the next eight months to raise serious money for pediatric cancer research.

He explains his quest that combines delicious beer and charity on his Go Fund Me Page:

 My Story: I have always dreamt of raising money for cancer research.  In 2013 I came up with the idea to drink a beer in all 351 Massachusetts towns and raise money for cancer research. It took me 8 1/2 months to finish during which time  I raised about $40,000. The money was donated to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. What started off as a silly idea quickly became popular as my story was featured on Today, MSN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and  other media outlets. This year I traveled to all 169 Connecticut towns to have a beer and I raised over $50,000. The money was donated to various cancer hospitals in Connecticut, the majority being donated  to Smilow Cancer Hospital @ Yale- New Haven.

Because Bros love beer and Bros love great causes, I asked Todd a couple questions about his journey to drink a beer in every state. Here’s what he told me:

How did you initially start doing charity beer tours?

Two years ago I decided that I wanted to visit all 351 Massachusetts towns this was after looking at a map and being surprised by all the strange town names like Florida Peru and Mount Washington. I was blown away by how many people came out to have a beer with me and donated. People want to me to drink beers with their farm animals. I even had a beer at a nudist colony in Hancock, Massachusetts. Since it was such a success I decided to do Connecticut in 2014.

What are some of the big destinations on your cross-country trip you want to have a beer? How many stops do you think you’re going to do?

The brewery I’m the most excited about is Rogue Brewing on Oregon. They contacted me a couple months ago and want to be my official Oregon stop. They are going to make it a big event and bring me out and show me the hops farms. I’m hoping to do at least 50 stops. Each place that I am going is having some sort of event. I’m going to bars, restaurants, breweries, house parties, etc. A liquor store in Delaware is holding an event for my stop when I come by.

Any breweries or bars in particular — both big and small — that you want to stop at?

The bar I’m most excited about is Fergs Sports Bar in Tampa. I’m having my beer there on opening day. It’s right next to Tropicana Field and they said they get about 7,000 customers that day!

Other breweries that have contacted me to come by and are making an event out of it are Nebraska Brewing Company in Nebraska, Wild Wolf in Virginia, White Street in North Carolina, Abita in Louisiana, and a few others.

How long do you think the tour will last?

I’m guessing the tour will last me about eight months. I’ll be coming home in between trips.

What’s your ride going to look like while going cross-country?

My car is being worked on this week. Like last year it’ll have logos all over it and my cartoon caricature- it’s going to be real fun for people to look at it in the highway. People that see my car can hashtag me at #usapourtour


Pour Tour

What type of people do you hope to have beers with along the way?

I’ve met all sorts of amazing people along the way. People come up to me and share their Cancer story. I’m hoping to meet more people like that during the year. People can send me a bar suggestion through my website,

If you want to pitch in for a great cause, check out the Go Fund Me for Todd’s Pour Tour. Best of luck and cheers, Todd. And thanks for drinking beers for an fantastic cause.

Oh, and hey! CT Bros, if you’re around Stratford on Saturday afternoon, swing by Two Roads Brewery for Todd’s Pour Tour launch event. Two Roads is being total Bros and donating 20% of all bar proceeds from noon to 6PM.


Todd's Pour Tour