Science Says Being a Manipulative Dick Will Lead to a Better Love Life

Sorry nice guys, but it turns out the key to having a satisfied love life is being a lying bastard.

At least, so say researchers in Portugal, who tried to identify what factors were most likely for men to say they were happy with the banging and relationshipping they were doing.

Adult men with a Ludus style (game-playing, manipulative love that keeps partner uncertain about relationship) or Mania style (possessive, jealous) rate their love lives as more fulfilled.

Well, I would say the reason for this is two-fold. One, jackasses like this are probably self-absorbed and thus unaware how their behaviors affect other people and just ignorantly state their lives are perfect.

Two, they are inveterate liars and lied about their satisfaction because they are the kind of dicks who would lie on a scientific survey because they can’t handle telling themselves the truth, even in private.

Probably a combination of one and two.

Be nice, oh and also go to church. That’s supposedly good for your love life, too.

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[Via The Daily Mail; Guy via Shutterstock]