Your Fall Will Be Fat ‘n’ Faded AF With Ben & Jerry’s New Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Beer

Ben & Jerry’s has tag-teamed with New Belgium Brewing to produce a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale to ensure that all the weight you shed from summer gets packed right back on for fall.

This isn’t the first ice cream-inspired beer collabo for B&J&NB; the partners released Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale in October 2015.

According to a press release from New Belgium, $5,000 dollars in proceeds will benefit Protect Our Winters (POW) a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness around climate change. Funny that these companies are using a liquid that causes memory loss and loss of coordination to raise awareness. I can picture me drinking about a dozen of these and trying to explain where the proceeds go. “Uh, it’s for charity… for raising… Arizona… for the California Raisins… for playmate change. That’s it.”

You could pair this ale with the perfect homemade beer-flavored ice cream sandwich and watch some of the greatest beer drinking movies of all-time. Have yourself your very own ice creamy beerfest.

Before this came hopping along my eyeline, I was too busy blendering alcoholic root beer with ice cream burritos.

And if this cookie dough ale isn’t enough for you because you’re just too damn savage, here are 8 delicious fall dishes you make with beer.

Cookie Dough Ale should hit shelves in Fall 2016.

Via TIME, Ben & Jerry’s


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