How to make the perfect beer-flavored ice cream sandwich, for International Beer Day

Because every phenomenon these days gets its own ‘day’ it should come as no shock that August 1st is International Beer Day, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich Day on August 2nd.

Typically I err on the side of just because we can do something it doesn’t necessarily mean we should, yet in this case with the two holidays lining up back to back it’d be a shame not to combine them into one magnificent summer treat. And that’s precisely what the folks over at Mashable did by creating this video:

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the end product looks damn tasty, but I still have so much trouble wrapping my mind around beer-flavored ice cream ever being delicious. My only experience with it was one St. Patrick’s Day we were served Guinness ice cream at some pub here in NYC and even though I was pretty blacked/browned out at the time, I’ll never forget just how terrible my mouth tasted the rest of the night.

But I’m interested if anyone’s ever had positive experiences with beer-flavored ice cream. So if you have any positive feedback drop it down below in the comments. Or you can go follow me on Twitter HERE to share your horrific experiences with beer-flavored ice cream.


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