Stoners Rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s Is Offering Ice Cream Burritos On 4/20!

On Wednesday, we discovered that Ben & Jerry’s was making Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. Today we learn of another way that the ice cream kings are ready to indulge your sweet tooth.

Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating the sacred marijuana holiday of 4/20 by rolling out delectable ice cream burritos. This is no half baked idea. These incredible desserts are sure to satisfy any munchies.

They are called BRRR-itos (GET IT!?!?) and are made of two scoops of ice cream, topped with a drizzle of fudge and cookie crumbs, all wrapped up in a soft, chewy waffle wrap (Guac is extra).

To promote the sweet treat, Ben & Jerry’s commercial is a parody of Apple’s infamous “1984” commercial for the Macintosh computer.

Not sure how sloppy this is going to be to eat, but it can’t be any worse than the Choco Taco.