Feeling Anti-Social? Here Are The Best, Most Extreme Ways You Can Avoid People



The world would be a really awesome place if it weren’t for, you know, all the people. Sure, some people are cool and you want to hang out with them. What I am talking about are all those other people. There’s just so many of them and they’re always up in your business sucking the joy out of your life.

So what are some of the best ways to avoid having to deal with the hordes of ne’er-do-wells invading your personal space each and every day? Thanks to a very popular hashtag that’s taken over Twitter for the past several hours, #ExtremeWaysToAvoidPeople, we have some excellent solutions.

I think I liked this one the best…

For the rest, well, you know what to do… (#ExtremeWaysToAvoidPeople.)

Man with fingers in his ears image by Shutterstock

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