Two Friends Make A Vacation Video For Their Families To Prove That They’re Not Lovers, Fail Miserably

In the immortal words of Steve Addazio, “What’s better than this? Just guys being dudes.” Redditor tguy3000 says that his family doesn’t quite understand the extent of their bromance, perhaps suspecting that there’s something more to them being just best friends. To clear up some misconceptions about them being lovers (…obligatory “not that there’s anything wrong with that, do you thing dudes!”), they filmed a vacation video on a trip the pair took to Thailand. Let’s just say they’re…. close. Like, “hey, no big deal if I take a shower in front you right now, right Bro?” close.

Of course not. And if it needed clearing up, in tguy3000’s own words:

Scrubs nails it. Some people just don’t understand the true lightening-in-a-bottle of Guy Love:

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