Surfer Bro Shows Up To A Halloween Party To Find That Everyone There Has Pranked The Hell Out Of Him

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J.R. Hennessy is a writer for the Australian bureau of The Guardian (based out of Sydney), and styles himself as a serious writer who moonlights as a hardcore surfer in his downtime. You can tell that he’s a very serious surfer by looking at his old Twitter avatar, a picture in which he’s throwing up the universal sign for being a kook. That picture I’m referring to is obviously the one you can see above.

So JR’s friends have been ribbing him for quite some time about that Twitter avatar (he’s since changed it, and his tweets are now protected since his story is going viral), they even went so far as to create a BuzzFeed Community post making memes of JR throwing up the universal signal for being a kook. Examples of the memes include the following:



This was all days/weeks/months ago. Flash forward to Halloween 2015 and J.R. shows up to a party and thinks he’s in the goddamn Twilight Zone. Every single person at the party is in on the prank BUT him, and it’s phenomenal:


Every. Single. Person. They’ve all dressed up as J.R. Hennessy in his kooky surfing avatar from Twitter, and he’s force to endure an entire Halloween party as the butt of the joke. Since the post first hit Tumblr last weekend it’s since gone on to get over 62,000 reblogs, and J.R. has moved his Twitter account to private to hide from all the glorious jokes at his expense:

BuzzFeed news caught up with one of JR’s friends to ask them whether this was all trolling or if they did it because they love him so much:

“A bit of both naturally, it was first and foremost because we thought it’d be hilarious but we all love JR and knew he’d be a good sport about it,” said Andy Camera.
“It’s totally surreal, we didn’t think anyone outside of this corner of Australian Twitter would get it or even care, so to see it blowing up everywhere is bizarre… JR’s mentions have also been completely ruined, so it’s like the owns just keep on rolling,” said Camera.

This is easily the best Halloween pranks we’ve seen in 2015, but we haven’t seen them all yet. If you came across any glorious 2015 Halloween pranks drop me a comment down below or hit us up on the tip line and we might share it here on BroBible!

[HappyPlace via BuzzFeed News]


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