This Is The Best Short-Film You’ll Ever Watch About Taking A Piss

Every Bro has been there: You have to drain the main vein, but you just can’t get it flowing. The old kidney gets shy and your ability to take a leak chokes like LeBron James in the 4th quarter. It sucks.

Inspired by the “too-closeness of men’s urinals,” filmmaker Mike Lars White made a hilarious short film about “man’s ability to piss when and where he likes.” It’s called “Steve’s Problem” and it is fantastic.

In Mike’s own words:

I was working at an ad agency where the men’s room had two urinals that were very close to each other—not allowing much privacy. So I had this idea of two men striking up a conversation there, and what if they enjoyed each other’s pissing company so much that they decided, “we should piss together again some time.” A bit later I came up with a more interesting way for this to come about: That the main character is pee shy, and that the stranger in the next urinal has a little “trick” for that.

Don’t you know that a man’s urinary function is his own business?