The Best Wing Spot In New York City Just Announced They’ll Be Serving Wings At CitiField This Year


I’m a wing guy. A wing connoisseur. There’s barely a week during football season when I don’t indulge in a dozen wings. Sometimes it’s even twice a week. It’s more than a comfort food to me — it’s an addiction.

For three years in a row, BroBible ran an event called WingFest where thousands of Bros in New York City would gather to feast on wings from dozens of restaurants. We even awarded a trophy to the best wings in the Big Apple (Duke’s and Dinosaur BBQ both won twice). Here’s what the second WingFest looked like, and here’s what the first one looked like in the basement at Brother’s Jimmys. It was easily the best event we ever did, sans a couple concerts we threw with Pretty Lights and Big Boi. And because of it, I formed a big rotation of great spots to get wings in New York City — Duke’s, Croxleys, Bar Coastal, Blondies, Mason Jar, Dinosaur BBQ, Wing Bar in Brooklyn, etc. Maybe someday we’ll bring WingFest back.

Last spring my world was changed forever by Dan And John’s, a new player in the New York City wing scene. Compared to bar wings, Dan And John’s is a small operation — Just two certified Bros (Dan and John) from the wing capital of the world — Buffalo, New York — frying up authentic buffalo wings at Smorgasburg, the legendary Saturday/Sunday food flea market in Brooklyn. Their wings are about as heavenly as it gets: Perfectly crispy, not too saucy, and extra generous with heat, especially the”Insane” wing. The Insane sauce had me in tears for a couple minutes… Delightful, “oh my God, my mouth is on fire” tears. I’m a sadomasochist with the flavor of my wings, but warning that it’s not for the lighthearted.

Over the fall, Dan And John’s opened a small brick and mortar wing joint in the East Village on First Avenue and St. Marks. It’s tiny but it makes the whole block smell like deep fryers, so you can’t miss it when you’re barhopping between Doc Holidays and Goodnight Sonnys in the East Village. The product remains as consistently as good as it was the first time I chomped down on it at Smorgasburg on a boozy afternoon last spring. How many wing joints can really boast consistency like that?

Which brings us to today’s huge news. Dan And John’s has been called up to the majors: Starting this baseball season, they’ll be serving their take on authentic buffalo wings at CitiField for all home Mets games. CitiField’s food is already aces, but having wings as an option now is a ballpark gamechanger:

Give ’em a try, Bros. If you hit them up at Smorgasburg, CitiField, or in the East Village, tell them that BroBible sent you. They know us by name now and I promise you’ll love them.

And if you aren’t convinced, here are 20+ glorious pictures of chicken wing porn courtesy of Dan and John’s, which is the second best kind of porn.

Hungry yet?