Intriguing New Study Reveals The Best And Worst Cities For Singles In 2015

best worst cities for singles 2015


As we are now well into full-blown holiday mode, closing in on the end of yet another year, it’s time to reflect on how much it sucks to be single in December.

Well, I take that back. That only applies if you live in one of the cities at the bottom of this list of the Best and Worst Cities for Singles in 2015.

Because if you live in one of the cities rated among the best in this new study by then you really have no excuse for not having some fun this time of year.

So how did they come up with these rankings?

Our analysts compared the 150 most populated U.S. cities based on 25 key metrics to help you find and prep for the best dating opportunities this holiday season. Our data set ranges from the percentage of singles to the number of online-dating opportunities to the number of attractions in each city.

They also compiled 25 relevant metrics, which are listed here, with their corresponding weights. Each metric was given a value between 0 and 100, wherein 100 is the best value for that metric and 0 is the worst

Blah, blah, blah… we want to know where the fun is (and isn’t).

Best Cities for Singles
1 Salt Lake City, UT
2 Orlando, FL
3 Tempe, AZ
4 Atlanta, GA
5 Scottsdale, AZ
6 Austin, TX
7 Tampa, FL
8 Reno, NV
9 Cincinnati, OH
10 San Francisco, CA

Worst Cities for Singles
141 Aurora, IL
142 Jersey City, NJ
143 Oxnard, CA
144 Chula Vista, CA
145 Columbus, GA
146 Detroit, MI
147 Glendale, CA
148 North Las Vegas, NV
149 Hialeah, FL
150 Yonkers, NY

Poor Detroit, just can’t catch a break, can they?

Here are some of those metrics we mentioned that helped determine the rankings…

Check out the entire list and more over at

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