9 Biggest Rich Dicks in America

Brandon Davis

What hasn't this heir to an oil empire done? Racism? Check. Drugs? Check. Paris Hilton? Check and mate. 

Stephen Dent

When you have enough money to spend $100k on a sex slave, you have too much. Not only does he have one, he has several. And he also reportedly paid them money to keep their mouths shut but that apparently didn’t work out too well. He is married too.

Matthew Mellon

Matthew Mellon belongs to the Mellon Bank family and has enough money that he will never have to worry about going broke for three lifetimes. So naturally, he gets bored easily. Don’t worry though, he found things to occupy his time. He found cocaine to keep him awake for days so he could party and drink the time away.

Josh Altman

Josh Altman is a self-made man, but if you have ever watched Million Dollar Listing, you'd know all that money has gone right to his head. Either that, or he just really wants to be portrayed as a Rich Dick on TV. Don't believe us? Watch this

Kanye West

Really? Does anyone need an explanation as to why Kanye West is a rich douche? No one like Kanye deserves to have money of any kind. He makes a music video with his future wife, Kim Kardashian, that is nothing short of a porn. His music is no longer worth a damn and he is more quotable than Shakespeare but not for the right reasons.

Scott Disick

We reluctantly add Lord Disick to this list, because he's very entertaining and he seems to have changed his ways, but that doesn't mean Rich Dicks didn't draw inspiration from his actions over the years. 

Justin Bieber

No one besides teenage girls between the ages of 8-16 like Justin Bieber anymore. He is a bigger doucher than Kanye West. Yes, he is talented and can sort of sing but why does he have to dress like an asshole to do it? He is thinking about retiring from music, too. Awesome. We cannot wait.

Lavish P.

This kid got famous from Instagram and posting the douchiest photos ever. He has posted pictures of him tying $6,000 to a bunch of balloons and letting them fly away. He has even purchased an entire stock of iPhones just because he can. All of this and he is only 17-years-old, making him an even bigger dick.

Every Rich Dick on Rich Kids of Instagram

What a treasure trove of material Rich Kids of Instagram has to be for the Kroll Show. The air of entitlement that jumps off the page is suffocating.

Go forth, using these Rich Dicks as inspiration, and transform yourself into the biggest Rich Dick the world has ever seen