Douchebag On A Bike In The East Village Steals Woman’s iPhone In Broad Daylight

by 5 years ago

WHOA. It can’t get any more brazen than this. In broad daylight, a thief on a bike managed to swipe a woman’s iPhone while she was walking across the street in New York City’s East Village. She was looking at her phone while walking across the street and literally just grabbed it out of her hands at full-speed. Like a runningback with an open lane, the thief seized an opportunity and took it.

The scary thing is that I walked by this cross-walk a couple times a day. I’ve never seen anything like this though. That literally could be me — I’m almost always glued to my phone like a zombie when walking down the street. Just goes to show it pays to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

As Chris notes over at Barstool, the best part is the buy on the CitiBike looking like he’s on the way to a J.P. Morgan happy hour playing the hero card. I hope he chased that asshole down in his Brooks Brothers outfit. Sadly, Gothamist doesn’t let us know if he ended up catching him.



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