Bill Murray Was A Bartender This Weekend, Here’s What You Missed (Hint: Bill Murray Did A Lot Of Shots)

On Friday night, the Brooklyn bistro 21 Greenpoint, formerly known as River Styx, held their reopening. The lines were out of control.

The crowds may have had something to do with a rather interesting bartender for the evening… Bill fucking Murray!

The restaurant’s co-owner is Homer Murray, who may have called in a favor to get his dad Bill Murray to bartend the event.

What it looks like when Bill fucking Murray takes your bar order.

There were shots.

Shots of Jameson.

Shots of tequila.

Shots of rye.

Four shots for you, one shot for Bill Murray.

Pouring all those shots can make a person work up a real thirst.

Homer described his father’s bartending skills as, “He just kind of pours Slovenia Vodka into people’s glasses when they look thirsty. He’s about efficiency. Turn-and-burn.”

There was even a Ghostbusters-themed automobile, but it was not Ecto-1.

Not only did he pour drinks, but he also entertained the masses by singing “Disco Inferno,” Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground,” The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You” and “Street Fighting Man.”

“I’m making nothing in tips,” Murray said.

“This is my firstborn son, Homer,” the comedy legend said. “And I am so happy for myself, and his brothers and sisters and mom, and all of you, that he has not continued in the family business. Instead, he has taken the joy of the family — to have a drink, and to have a meal, and to have friends together in one place — and made it his life’s work. To my son, and his friends, and his work, and all his partners. Homer Murray!”

Murray was asked what he learned from his tiring shift and he said, “Well, if your barback isn’t getting you the right glasses” — he glared at a fellow bartender — “then you’re put in an instant of creativity, where you have to make a drink with the glasses you have. And that, to me, is a life of service.”