Bird Goes Straight Thug Life And Steals Huge Joint From Dude

by 3 years ago


This magpie in Germany must have had a hard day. Probably was chased by cats all morning, didn’t find any worms for his baby birds and a squirrel was all up in his birdbath. Bird just wanted to take some stress off so he tried to cop a hit off some dude in the park.

Well Mr. Inconsiderate was just sitting there being all greedy and not puff, puff and passing, so this is the type of shit that will happen. The bird goes straight up thug life and steals the huge joint right out of his fucking hand. Now that bird is literally flying high.

The bird was like, “Nevermore, will you have this joint.”

You know this little stoner flew right to a bird-feeder and went to town.

Sadly, it turns out that this bird is now strung out and stealing meth. And if he keeps this shit up, he’s going to be a jailbird.

How awesome if you could domesticate this bird and then have him go all around stealing blunts and bringing them back to you?

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