‘Black Hole’ Waterslide Is Probably The Closest You Can Get To Tripping Without Drugs

by 3 years ago

Friends and family built up Space Mountain to be the most insane amusement park ride ever. I was about 14 and my dad had me convinced the ride was so crazy and trippy that I might not come out of the ride as the same person I was when I went in.

It blew.

Now this water slide looks like it would screw with a couple heads.

This insane water slide, which can be found at an indoor leisure pool in Bremerhaven, Germany, features colorful LEDs that create different patterns of light as you slide through what would otherwise be complete darkness. The slide is 256 ft. long, which sounds like it would make for a long trip (heh), but is over in less than 15 seconds.

It’s the real life version of the boat ride in the original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

[via Life Hack]

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