Don’t Fall For This Black Jesus Art Craigslist Ad, The Seller’s Just Using Black Jesus To Try And Get Laid

by 4 years ago


You should be skeptical of almost anything and everything you read about on the Internet, case in point: dailydot blogger gets catfished by man selling Texas’ finest collection of Black Jesus Art on Craigslist. I was wondering how to share the incredible back and forth exchange that took place between Jené Gutierrez of the Daily Dot and ‘Rick Cabrera’, and ultimately decided to share the Craigslist post (and art) with you as a warning, and you want to read the ridiculously extensive catfishing emails then you can click on over to the Daily Dot. The seller here has no interest in actually selling anything, he just wants to get laid.

First up, the art:









Now that’s some DAMN FINE ART if I’ve ever seen any. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to own “The best black Jesus set in all of Texas. Exhibited at the MOMA as well as at the UT Harry Ransom Center.”?!?! You’d be a fool to not jump at an opportunity like that.

Here’s the full text from the (still live, for now) Craigslist post:

“The best black Jesus set in all of Texas. Exhibited at the MOMA as well as at the UT Harry Ransom Center. Invaluable, but… gotta girl I’m working, a white girl, and she ain’t having the art. Says she’ll toss it where it belongs. Not if you take it first!!! That’s why I’m asking virtually nothing for it. We have to keep our communal art alive so our childrens can know. What we be going through and all that. Jesus Saves.”

But as I said before, this man is NOT sincere. He’s just a scam artist, and you’ll never be able to get your hands on that glorious art. Rick’s just out to bang.



Click here to read the back and forth emails over on the Daily Dot.

I have to admit, pretending to sell art as a way to pick up chicks on Craigslist is quite possibly the most unique and novel Craigslist scam I’ve ever read about. I’m mostly impressed that a man could think up such a clever ruse.

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