LOL, Sexy Blonde Girl Gets Out Of Her Car, Randomly Starts Dancing, Causes Three-Car Crash

I have no idea why this girl decided to just stop her car, get out and start dancing. She must have apparently just been feeling the mood or something. I get it, we’ve all been there. Usually not while driving our cars, but I guess it happens.

Unfortunately, the results of her impromptu dance routine is a definite lesson in distracted driving.

Watch as while she’s busting out her best moves three cars happen to make their way by when suddenly they get turned into an automotive accordion.

The important takeaway here? When you notice a random girl dancing on the side of the road, just keep it a 10 and 2 and continue to look straight ahead. Do it even if you REALLY, REALLY want to look. That, or you might to have a very odd conversation with your insurance company some day.


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