‘Blondes And Fireworks Do Not Mix’ Is The Name Of This Video, And It’s Pretty Obvious Why

by 4 years ago

It’s frustrating sometimes when the title of a video or article gives away too much, but in the case of ‘Blondes and Fireworks Do Not Mix’ I find myself completely cool with the author telling me upfront what I’m going to see.

Because in this particular instance, I’m led to believe that there will be at least one blonde chick (in actuality there’s a whole group of them), and some sort of fireworks debacle. And here we have two things that I love: blondes and fireworks.

So, how do you nearly kill a group of blondes with fireworks?
You let one blonde light the fireworks while the rest of them sit there and wait for shit to hit the fan.

I know it’s not a traditional ‘blonde joke’, but holy shit did their lives almost get ruined.

Let’s watch once more in GIF, shall we?

via Smitty @ Barstool Sports