Police Blowing Up Over 20,000 Pounds Of Illegal Fireworks All At Once Is As Cool As It Sounds

You know what’s more awesome than fireworks? Not much. So imagine blowing up TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS of it all in one fell swoop! Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand probably hurts just thinking about it.

In the blast-tastic video you see below police in Midland, Texas set off over 20,000 pounds of illegal fireworks all in one massive display of awesome.

According to Global News

The fireworks were amassed by Midland Police in a series of raids over three and a half days across Glasscock County.

MPD officers were assisted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as well as bomb squads from nearby cities Odessa and Amarillo.

The fireworks were unable to be donated and re-sold since they were classified as illegal, and their destruction was court-ordered.

Damn, they accumulated over 20,000 pounds of fireworks in just three and a half days? What are people doing down there in Texas?

Unfortunately, the police set off the load of explosives during the daytime because they said it “was not meant to be a fireworks show.”

Jokes on them though, because it was still ended up being a pretty freaking sweet display.

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