Dude Gets Body-Slammed REAL Hard, But In An Unlikely Chain Of Events The Combatants Become Best Friends

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This. We need more of this. A n unsual fight erupted in a train station in New Jersey. The ending was awesome, not because someone got knocked out, but because the two men shook hands and showed some humanity.

The shirtless man body-slammed his opponent hard on the hard concrete. But instead of the violence escalating both men shook hands instead of attempting to kill each other.

Good job by the shirtless fella who was able to turn off his rage that quickly and extend the olive branch. He even offers the beaten man some paper to wipe off his bloody face.

The dude who got body-slammed looked real hard at that train schedule after being pummeled. I guess he was having a hard time finding the L train.

Did they just become best friends? YUP!