This Bodybuilder Only Has ONE Arm And He’s Still More Fit Than You, So What’s Your Excuse?

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There are two types of people in life: those who are born into lucky situations and stay there, and then there are who get dealt a shit hand and then rise above their modest beginnings. Logically I guess there’d be a 3rd type where you get dealt a shit hand and stay rolling around in poop your entire life, and a 4th where you’re born with riches and die poor, but whatever. That’s not the fucking point.

The point is that Luke Ericson here was born with a hand full of crap and managed to elevate it to a royal flush.

Ericson was born without a left arm, and with a left lung that is half the normal size; he developed scoliosis because of his weight imbalance. None of that stopped him from becoming a remarkable paragon of strength and fitness. In a video that’s spreading across the web, he’s shown banging out reps of one-armed dips, one-armed pull-ups, burpees and basically every other exercise you hated doing in gym class, displaying his incredible balance and fast-twitch muscle control.

Via MTV News

So what excuse do you have for not being as fit as Luke?

Answer: you have two arms; you have no excuse.

[H/T MTV News]

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