Bodybuilder Just Wants To Watch Couple Make Hot Nekked Love In His Bed, Ends Up Overdosing On Ecstasy

He was just trying to watch a hot couple go to town on each other’s junk but instead 26-year-old bodybuilder Jordan Gratwick found himself six feet under after overdosing on ecstasy, or as I like to call it ‘The Devil’s Aspirin’.

The tragic incident took place after Jordan met Laima Sinka and Brandon Hersey at a nightclub named Moo Moo’s, and convinced them to come back to his house worth $1.82 million. Upon arriving home the couple started playing that sweet baby making music and engaged in some rowdy coitus, but things took a turn for the worse when the late bodybuilder Jordan Gratwick placed his hand on Laima Sinka’s leg while the couple was having sex, something that infuriated Brandon Hersey.

After the leg touching incident, the two men went outside to talk it out in the garden where things got heated, all while Laima Sinka was getting sick in the bathroom.

Here’s how the fatal tragedy came to a conclusion, via Metro UK:

She said her boyfriend took exception and told Mr Gratwick, a keen bodybuilder, not to touch her, and the pair had a conversation in the garden while she was being sick.
‘I wanted to leave, but Jordan prevented me by standing in the doorway,’ Ms Sinka said in a statement read out at Basingstoke Coroner’s Court.
‘It appeared Jordan was not listening and he appeared to be spaced out.
‘He put his hands around Brandon’s neck. I was really scared because I thought Jordan was going to kill Brandon and rape me.’
Mr Gratwick then fell to floor when the two men walked to the side of the summer house.
‘He was just staring into my eyes and was non-responsive,’ Mr Hersey added in a statement.
‘I pulled his arms off me and he let go. He went round the corner and then fell to the ground.
‘He fell on to his front. I then moved him to the recovery position. He turned blue and started fitting. Foam was coming out of his mouth.’

How much ecstasy do you reckon it would take to result in a lethal toxicity for a man this size? Or is it possible that this was more a matter of tolerance than dosage size?

If this sounds outlandishly fake and made up I assure you it’s real, and I myself was a skeptic here because due to the absurdity of every detail in this incident but there’s a detailed account of the bodybuilder’s overdose over on Metro which you can read for yourself here.

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