This Bro Lives In A Boeing 727 Out In The Middle Of The Woods In Oregon, You Gotta See His Set Up

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Bruce Campbell (no, not that one) is a man who doesn’t live his life by societal constraints. Instead of buying a cookie cutter house on the side of a hill like in Showtime’s Weeds he’s doing what he wants to do, and living in a completely overhauled and 100% custom Boeing 727 that he’s planted out in the woods of Oregon.

Prior to Bruce Campbell overhauling this Boeing 727 this was a fully functional commercial aircraft operating in Greece, now it’s a sky palace that Campbell calls home and is located in some forest just outside of Portland, Oregon. You don’t have to be into planes or nature to think this is a badass home:

I guess when I first say ‘guy converts Boeing 727 into forest home’ I assumed he’d be without some of the basic comforts of home, like a shower with running water, etc. But that’s definitely not the case. Bruce Campbell’s got everything he needs to consider a place home confined within his badass Boeing out there in the forests of Oregon.

I also think I could get on board with this lifestyle, but only for a few weeks or months. I’m not sure I could spend my entire life pooping in a Boeing 727 bathroom, because they’re small as shit. I don’t see why he hasn’t just remodeled the bathroom so that he can drop ‘Boeing Bombs’ in peace. Also, did you bros realize that these aircraft are being retired at a rate of 3-per-day? Because I had no fucking clue. That seems like A LOT of planes being retired, which makes no sense considering how many old and rickety planes I’ve flown on over the past few years.

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