Ever Taken Bolt Bus? You Should Watch This Video Of One Exploding On The Freeway



I ride the Bolt Bus around once a month, taking it home from New York to D.C. and back. But I might rethink my stance on it after seeing how flammable and explodable they are.

This came on the Mass Turnpike on a New York City to Boston route, and no one was harmed. Here’s the explosion.


And here’s a statement from Greyhound, who owns Bolt Bus:

In regard to the Boltbus incident, I can confirm that the incident occurred at approximately 5:00 p.m. EST in Newton, MA on Hwy I-90 Eastbound. The bus was traveling from New York to Boston with 47 customers onboard. Once the driver noticed smoke, the driver pulled over, evacuated the bus and called local authorities, who are currently investigating the situation. All 47 customers that were onboard are unharmed and were able to retrieve all their belongings.

[Via Gothamist]