U.S. Bombers Wish ISIS A Merry Christmas With 17 Airstrikes And Iraq Liberates Key City From Daesh

It has not been a very merry past week for ISIS. The sinister terrorist group got their shit kicked in following U.S. airstrikes and lost control of a city in Iraq.

Iraqi army declared their first major victory over Islamic State after recapturing the city of Ramadi. The key city is the capital of mainly Sunni-Muslim Anbar province in the Euphrates River valley west of Baghdad.

Iraqi troops had been encircling the city for weeks, then last week they launched a campaign to retake the city. On Sunday, Iraqis had seized the central administration complex. It took longer than expect though because many of the buildings were booby-trapped.

“The area of al-Hos which is near to the governmental buildings has been liberated from ISIS. Our forces are now 200 meters away from the governmental complex,” said Major Marwan Yasan, Commander of the Defense and Duties regiment.

The retaking of the city was the first major triumph for the U.S.-trained Iraqi force. However, much of the city seems to be devastated, with large portions decimated to piles of rubble.

Officials did not give any immediate death tolls for the battle. The Iraqi government said that most civilians were able to evacuate before the assault was launched.

Daesh seized Ramadi in May after Iraqi troops fled the city, leaving fleets of Humvees and other American weapons in the fighters’ hands.

After the liberation of Ramadi, now the Iraqi military will take aim on the northern city of Mosul, by far the largest populated urban area controlled by Daesh in either Iraq or Syria with a pre-war population close to 2 million.

Recapturing Mosul is so important for Iraq because it “would effectively abolish their state structure in Iraq and deprive them of a major source of funding, which comes partly from oil and partly from fees and taxes on residents.”

In other “ISIS is getting their asses handed to them” news, the United States wished Daesh a “Merry Christmas” by bombing the shit out of them. U.S. fighter aircraft, bombers and remotely controlled aircraft smashed Islamic State targets on Christmas Day with 17 airstrikes. According to the Pentagon, five of the strikes were carried out in Syria and 12 in Iraq.

The strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation that is designed to target ISIS. The missions targeted Daesh tunnels, explosive manufacturing sites, bridges and ISIS fighting outposts.

All U.S. aircraft returned safely.

And in one other “ISIS is getting curbstomped” development, a militia in Afghanistan gave the terrorist organization a brutal taste of their own medicine. Pro-government militiamen captured and then beheaded four ISIL terrorists in Nangarhar province and placed their heads on public display.

The wicked act was retaliation for Islamic State beheading fighters loyal to an Afghani militia.

“If they behead you, behead your son, do you expect us to cook sweets for them?” deputy speaker of parliament Haji Zahir asked. “Sweets are not distributed during war. People die.”

Zahir has a valid point. Nobody is baking Christmas cookies for ISIS.


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