Bookies Lost A TON On The Royal Baby Name And The Amount Is Absolutely Ridiculous

In case you missed it, or avoid all things celebrity, another royal baby squirted out of the former Kate Middleton this week. Princess Charlotte, or PC for those in her inner circle, was born on May 2nd and joins her brother Prince George in the long list of UK royalty we’ll have to pay attention to for some reason.

The pending arrival sent the UK into baby fever and everyone was excited about the little squirt’s arrival — everyone except bookies. They lost a ton on the name Charlotte. Over one million pounds ($1.5 million) was paid out to winners who picked the name Charlotte over front-runner Alice.

Now, $1.5 million doesn’t seem like a lot when you think about the number of people who placed a bet but the mere idea that 1) baby naming is action a bookie would take and 2) how stupid it all sounds, it’s just…stupid.

The UK needs other stuff to bet on. How about more sports? We’ll send them more NFL games or they can just have baseball. No one in America will notice it’s gone.

[via AP]

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