Can Someone PLEASE Teach These Clueless Morons How To Throw A Frisbee Properly?!?

I didn’t plan on blogging today. Usually my Sunday’s are reserved for working off Saturday night’s hangover. Then I saw this video of two Bosnian men tossing a ‘bee around in the water and I lost it. I had to pop in here and share this with you bros. There was a fleeting moment when I thought maybe these dudes were just messing around, and knew what they were doing was completely asinine. But the long I watched I realized that these men had absolutely no awareness whatsoever, and that they genuinely believed they were throwing a frisbee correctly.

When I saw this video my first instinct was to jump through the screen and slap some sense into these idiots. To shake them by the shoulders and scream spittle in their faces, telling them how they were desecrating the good name of the frisbee. But then it dawned on me that men who toss the ‘bee around like this are not men at all. Don’t let their girth and stature fool you, those are NOT grown men. A grown ass man would NEVER throw a frisbee like that.

Men, these are not:

Do they not realize that they’re SIGNIFICANTLY worse at chucking the ‘bee around than dogs are? Just look at that video (and GIF) above, then watch these dogs handle a frisbee. Dogs > Bosnian men.

via Reddit