Boss Finds Perfect Way To Motivate Employees To Work Harder And It Involves Meth

Dealing Meth


It’s hard for a boss to get employees to WANT to work harder, especially in blue collar jobs like auto repair. If the crew gets an extra couple cars fixed in a week, the owner sees a profit, but employees don’t see a change in their paychecks. Not unless the boss incorporates some type of bonus.

The owner of a body shop in Minnesota figured out a bonus structure that was perfect for the company and his employees. Unfortunately, local lawn enforcement weren’t big fans of the idea.

An auto body shop in Minnesota was the subject of a drug task force investigation after a report that the owners were distributing drugs to employees as bonuses.

The owner of Clear Choice Auto Body Repair, 40-year-old Jesse Michael Seifert, was arrested after an employee said that he and his girlfriend Nancy Jean Loehlein, 39,had been paying employees in methamphetamine.

Agents of the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force investigated the shop and Cmdr. Jeff Wersal reported that Loehlein gave each of the shop’s six employees half-gram of meth in Seifert’s presence.

Syringes and a digital scale with traces of meth were found at the Mankato business as the task force search the building on Thursday.

I always say “a high worker is a happy worker” but I’m also not the best moral compass but I’m wondering if there weren’t some types of rules in place. How many cars would get fixed if EVERYONE called out one day. Bonuses probably came out on Saturdays. “See you addicts Monday!”

[via UPI]