New Boston Dynamics Robot Can Jump Over Obstacles, Lift 100-Pounds, Is A Threat To All Humanity

The robot uprising is imminent. After seeing what Boston Dynamics is capable of with their latest creation I no longer think that humanity has the upper hand in the future fight against the Robot Army.

We’ve already advanced these robots to the point that they’re capable of pulling off evasive maneuvers, and in some cases, we’ve equipped them with guns and other deadly weapons. Now Boston Dynamics shows us that their ‘Handle’ robot is capable of running down snowy banks. Jumping over obstacles. Hitting impediments and not buckling over, and turning on a dime. What’s to stop some rogue scientist from handing this fucker a bomb and setting it to infiltrate restricted areas?

Bullets aren’t going to stop a damn robot, not if it’s built with armor plates on the outside. We’ll have no defenses against robots storming into our homes to eat our wives and leech the blood from our dogs. I’m not saying that robots have hunger or a need for blood, I’m just spitballing here. Maybe they’re sex robots and that’s the type of eating they’ll be doing, did you ever think of that possibility?

(h/t DIGG)