Bouncer Knocks Out Drunk Dude Cold In One Mighty Bitch Slap

Alcohol is awesome because it gives us the courage to approach the hot girl at the bar or to go ziplining in a jungle in Belize despite the craftsmanship on the cable system seeming very shoddy and unkempt. However alcohol can also give us some very, very unfavorable bravery, such as this drunk gentleman who unwisely stepped to this bouncer.

What was this guy thinking!?!? He’s puny, the bouncer is pretty jacked; he’s drunk, the bouncer is sober; the bouncer probably gets into three fights a night, the drunk guy got once got into a fight in 7th grade in the locker room and it was broken up within 11 seconds.

Stupid alcohol, stop giving me bad ideas!

The drunk dude weakly strikes the bouncer and is IMMEDIATELY hit with a powerful bitch slap that knocks him out cold.

The drunk should thank his lucky stars that the bouncer only open-handed slapped him otherwise he would need a new face.

I suppose the conversation the next day went something like this:

Drunk: “What happened last night, I blacked out?”

Friends: “You didn’t black out, you got knocked out. Like unconscious. By a slap. We left you there because you were an embarrassment to us all.”

Drunk: “That explains the splitting headache and the bruise on my face. But why does my butt hurt?”

Friends: “You were in jail unconscious for the last two days.”