Guy Dares Bouncer In Philly To Punch Him In The Face, Bouncer Turns His Lights Out Faster Than The Clapper

bouncer knocks guy out

YouTube - AlmightyPhilly

Protip: If you are an average-sized guy and there is a bouncer who is pretty much twice the size you are, you do NOT ask him to punch you in the face.

Now I don’t know for sure if alcohol was involved in this genius’ decision to ask the bouncer to do such a thing, but man I sure hope there was and it wasn’t just plain stupidity on his part.

You can hear him talking to the bouncer and saying something like, “you swing and you’ll miss,” as if this is some kind of bet. Meanwhile, someone in the crowd shouts, “I’ll take it.” Which I assume means he’s taking the bouncer’s side in this misguided show of bravado.

Smart choice, because, damn, dude got laid out HARD.