That Time a House Representative Wore a Purple Polo Shirt, Bowtie and Blazer on the Floor

I don’t follow politics, so I can’t tell you much about Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.). What I do know for an absolute fact is that he dressed himself without the aide of a mirror this morning. How else could you explain the bowtie-polo shirt-suit jacket combination?

Polis’ opponent in the next election should just remain completely mum on the issues while airing reminders this purple monstrosity once appeared on the House floor. BOOM! Instant credibility with the voters.

Update: It appears Polis’ incredible fashion choice caught the eye of the trendsetters over at GQ. Out of the goodness of their hearts — and no other reason — they offered to help the lawmaker improve his style. Polis, clearly after having a chance to consult a mirror, accepted.

All of this, of course, would make for a great plot for House of Cards to explore next season. It’d be one of the most believable things the show’s ever done.

[H/T: Talking Points Memo]