This Boxer’s Urine Sample After A 12-Round Match Shows Just How Taxing Boxing Is On The Body

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A boxing match from 2015 is making the rounds on the world wide web again, not for its happenings inside the ring but for the post-match piss test.

12 rounds of violent, hard-hitting boxing between Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse and former WBO champion Ruslan Provodnikov resulted in a majority decision in favor of Matthysse. Provodnikov, known as “The Siberian Rocky” in his native land, withstood an onslaught of devastating body blows and kidney punches that left his opponent lauding his effort.

“He did, he hurt me. But I was able to withstand the onslaught,” Matthysse said. He’s a very tough fighter. He’s very strong. He just keeps coming forward.”

The highlights of the sold out fight are worth a watch if you haven’t seen already:

Boxers are required to give a urine sample after the match to clear themselves of any wrongdoing. Provodnikov’s sample looked like a goddamn glass of Coca-Cola, as it was saturated with blood from the beating his kidneys took during the match.


The 33-year-old “Siberian Rocky” has had a storied, albeit grueling career–posting a 30-5 lifetime record. His last fight was in June of 2016, a loss at the hands of American fighter John Molina Jr. I’m no doctor, but I’d advise Provodnikov to hang up the gloves before his internal organs start failing.

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