Girlfriend Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating And Leaves Him A ‘Happy’ Little Message Painted All Over His Bedroom



With all of these wonderful stories about scorned ex-lovers getting petty revenge on their once-significant others it kind of makes me wish my boyfriend would cheat on me so I could fuck his life up. My plan is brilliant, honestly. I would buy about 15 gallons of craft glitter and then throw that shit ALL over his room. His closet, his dresser, his bed sheets, everything. Spread that shit like herpes.

“But that’s so stupid it’s just glitter” you say in reply, to which my response is “You fuckhead, YOU CAN NEVER GET RID OF GLITTER. Glitter stays on you for friggin’ years, that bitch’ll be sparkling like the goddamn tooth fairy until he’s old enough to collect a pension.”

That, and I’d puke in his bong and glue parts of it shut. Ha-ha, fuck you.

Zoe Wheeler, an angry ex to an unnamed man, apparently agrees with my “Use and abuse (but mostly abuse) his personal space” method of revenge.

Just one question though…why does part of his room consist of plywood? Weird.

[H/T Total Sorority Move, header image via Shutterstock]

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