This Brain Teaser Has Been Driving The Internet Nuts, See How Quickly You Can Figure It Out

math problem brain teaser


Everyone loves a good brain-teaser. I mean, how else do you explain why so many of them go viral on the internet? People love to be challenged, fail at it, then share it with all of their friends so they too can fail and you can gloat and lie about how you figured it out. Standard stuff, really.

Which is why this photo posted on Facebook by one Antley Lamont Staten has been shared over 400,000 times since he published it.

If you don’t get it right away, don’t feel bad, neither did I. In fact I didn’t get it all until the reveal. Did I feel stupid? Yes. Is there a chance that you will figure it out in like two seconds? Yes. Will that make me feel stupider? Yes. But I am banking on a lot of you being just like me and having no friggin’ clue. It didn’t get shared over 400,000 times because most people got it right away, people.

Ready? Here we go…

Did you figure it out immediately?

If not, take another look.

No rush.

I can wait all day.

Perhaps some soothing music will help you think…

Okay, ready to give up?

You sure?

Alright, here’s the answer…

math problem brain teaser answer

Antley Lamont Staten, Facebook

Feel stupid now?

If you do, welcome to my world.

H/T Some eCards; Stressed out man image by Shutterstock

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