This Brainteaser Meant For Children Is Stupid Easy For Adults…But Only If You’re Paying Close Attention

Don’t feel bad. If you can’t solve this logic puzzle but your 6-year-old cousin sitting next to you can, just turn to the kid and punt him out of his chair, curb-stomp his face and then reclaim your position of intellectual dominance within your household. Just kidding, don’t do that – JCamm has told me before to stop “inciting violence towards children” on BroBible, so I have to stick that disclaimer in there even if it’s not genuine. So technically you SHOULDN’T curb stomp your younger relatives…but if you do, hey ☺ I’m not going to be the one to yell at you for it.

Of course none of that’s a problem if you 1. Don’t get angry over stupid logic puzzles and 2. Can solve this logic puzzle on your own:

Do you get it? Did you solve it? Do you think the answer is 16? Are you sure? You’re not. No, you’re not sure goddammit! You know why?

Because 16 is WRONG.

Yeah, this puzzle’s a real pile of dogshit because it’s designed for you to fail in the first place. According to Mirror,

Let’s break it down. 1 apple + 1 apple + 1 apple = 30. So an apple must equal 10 , correct?

1 apple + 4 bananas + 4 bananas = 18. Take away the apple, which we know to equal 10, and you have 8 left. Divide 8 by two to learn the value of a bunch of four bananas, and you have 4. So one banana is equal to 1.

We know that an apple is worth 10 and a bunch of four bananas is worth 4 . Still with us?

Next we are told that if you take away a coconut from a bunch of bananas, you are left with 2. This means that a coconut must equal 2 .

So far, we’ve got it. But it’s the actual sum that people are having problems with – and it’s all down to the coconut.

If you’re adding a coconut to one apple and a bunch of bananas, you’d assume that you’d get 16.(via)

Uh, YEAH BITCH THAT’S WHAT I JUST SAID. Except look at that last line:

That’s only half a coconut and only three bananas, meaning that the coconut now equals 1 and the three bananas equal 3. If you take those into account, the correct answer is now 14.

Don’t feel bad…I got it wrong too. But I was also an English major, aka I don’t have to be good at math as long as I rite gud and spel my wurds currektly. Can the same be said for you?

[H/T Mirror]