Huge Brawl Breaks Out After Dude In A Ridiculous Cowboy Hat Throws Maniac Haymaker Then Gets DESTROYED Four Times

by 3 years ago

If I see a man in a ridiculously humongous cowboy hat I am keeping my eye on that guy because that guy is going to do some crazy shit at some point. In this case, the man with a ridiculously humongous cowboy hat throws an unbridled and nasty haymaker that ignites an all-out brawl at the Artesian Commons Park in Washington D.C.



He swings so hard that he knocks off his own fucking hat.

It seems like it was a big mistake because the motherfucking cowboy gets beat down by seemingly everyone in the park including dogs.

After getting a beat down the aggressive fuck didn’t learn his lesson and takes a sucker punch at a man with his back turned to him.

The dude gets ANOTHER beat down.

That was followed by a woman slamming a bottle on his head repeatedly.

The madman rose after he got his ass beat and this time he was wielding a large rock. A brave woman goes right after him and he throws the rock at her, but misses. The group of people gather around one more time to beat the shit out of him one last time. One guy grabs the rock and hurls it at the maniac.

Finally, a police officer arrives on the scene to restore law and order. The cop instructs everyone to get on the ground and everyone comply.

However, the cowboy is not done. He takes a step and then makes a BOOOOOMING kick of the girl’s face that would make Stephen Gostkowski proud.


He then gets tackled by the police officer and takes his fourth “L” of the day.

I’ll give it to this shitbag, he is persistent. Persistently a fuckface. But persistent none-the-less.