Watch This Badass Brazilian Chick Catch Her Man Cheating With Another Woman And SLAM Both Of Them To The Ground

This right here is my kind of gal. She catches her boyfriend cheating at a cafe and promptly destroys him, his sidechick, and the entire restaurant. Is she violent? Indubitably. But that violence means that she really, really didn’t want her man to cheat on her. It means that she has a bubbling cauldron of passion for her man. And that sort of fervor probably equates to her being absolutely mindblowing in the bedroom.

We take you to Brazil where this scorned lover caught her unfaithful man with another woman at a cafe. The woman went with the “Fuck shit up first, ask questions later.”

She punches her man in the face with her right hand then in the same motion, she is able to grab the other woman’s hair and viciously drag her out of her seat and slam her onto the ground. Then the woman knocks her man down to the floor.

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Why the man would need to cheat on this stacked blonde bombshell is beyond me.

She is the exact type of crazy chick you need to cherish until she threatens your life for some nonsense like buying chunky peanut butter when she asked you to buy creamy peanut butter.