Would You Buy Breast Milk To Bulk Up? This Mom Is Selling And Bodybuilders Are Drinking It Up

Bodybuilders are always looking for the next best protein shake to help add muscle and mass. Well you can’t buy this protein-packed liquid at any GNC. That’s because it’s freshly squeezed breast milk.

New mothers across the country are selling their lactation solutions and they are finding out that their biggest clients are bodybuilders.

Lisa Charbonneau is a stay at home mother of three who sells her tit juice on Craigslist. The Michigan mom auctions off her excess breast milk to the highest bidder. She says she gets lots of mothers who can’t produce their own milk and bodybuilders buying her boob sap.

The price for an ounce of breast milk starts at $1, and you don’t even get to drink it straight from the tap. “Right now I have over 70 ounces,” she boasts.

Sure it sounds pricey, but she explains that this is some high quality nipple nectar, “I do not drink, or do drugs, and I take a multi-vitamin daily.”

“There’s a ton of vitamins, a ton of protein, a ton of nutrients in breast milk itself,” Charbonneau says. “I heard my cousin post something on his Facebook about breast milk being just as a good protein shake, if they ever stop making them.” Because nothing is more factual and scientific than something that was posted on your cousin’s Facebook.

However not everyone agrees that grown men should be slurping human breast milk. “Breast milk probably isn’t your best mode of action here,” Dr. Shaun Jayakar from St. John Providence Hospital states. “Breast milk has less protein than cow milk you can buy at the store.”

However Charbonneau says the proof is in the pudding, “I have a 20-pound 5-month-old who is growing like a weed. If the nutritional value is good enough to sustain his life, why not add a few extra vitamins to your diet.”

The good doctor retorts, “It’s good for infants because it has antibodies they need, but for older adults it has no benefits really.”

I’m no doctor or even a mother, but if it’s good enough for Diddy.