Cheating Bride-To-Be Cancels Her Wedding After Video Surfaces Of Her Sucking Face With A Stranger On Her Bachelorette Party

I hope the dude saved the receipt for that ring and there’s a comprehensive return policy on it because if not, that’s $49.99 down the drain, judging by its size and general underwhelming appearance. I’ve legit had dingleberries bigger than that thing.

That’s mean. I shouldn’t have said that. The poor guy just had his heart ripped out by Emma Ayala, his ex bride-to-be, who was spotted making out with a complete stranger on her bachelorette party in Mexico.

According to Mirror, a snitch filmed her sucking face with the dude and shared it on social media, accompanied with the hashtag #LadyCoralina, in reference to ‘Coralina Bar,’ where the incident took place.

The video eventually made it back to her fiance, Pablo Torres Gandara and his family, and the wedding was canceled soon thereafter.

If there’s a silver lining in all of this, at least this bro found out before the signing the marriage docs. Better to learn that your girl’s a sleaze bag now than to catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your wife. This dude dodged a bullet. And if the universe was just, this guy’s inbox will soon be flooded with girls looking to court him out of empathy. He looks like a strapping, well-to-do dude. Hit him up ladies.

There’s a lesson to be had here: Don’t bring snitches on your bachelor/bachelorette party and if you absolutely positively have to cheat on your bride/husband-to-be, you may want to lock yourself in a port-a-potty or something. Do some fucking due diligence for heaven’s sake.

[h/t Mirror]