British Guy Craps His Underwear After Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge

by 6 years ago

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It’s been fifteen minutes since our last Ice Bucket Challenge related post, so by Blog Law, I must post another one. Luckily, this video is more about a man soiling his underpants than it is about a man getting ice water poured on his head.

If you clicked on this link hoping to see a video of a British guy shitting his pants, I’ve got some news for you… THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO SEE! YES!!!!!

The IBC videos are getting so dull, I appreciate that some enterprising entertainers from around the world are finding innovative ways to make it funny and fresh. I really don’t care if he did this on purpose, I’m sure he did (knowing that it would go viral), the man still shit his pants, and for that, I simply must respect him.

I had a friend in elementary school who used to piss his pants at school simply to make us laugh. Sure, he did it on purpose, but anyone who is willing to soil themselves in the name of comedy is a-okay in my book.

If you showed me a hundred IBC videos and asked me to guess who I thought would shit their pants, I think I absolutely would’ve picked this guy. You knew as soon as he waddled out in that ridiculous attire that this was a man who is not above shooting a load of diarrhea into his underpants. And the fact that he’s British just makes it that much more appealing. British people are so proper. Who knew they were secretly running around shitting their pants everywhere. Bravo, sir!

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