These British Lads Found An Ingenious Way To Get A Ton Of Booze For Free

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Listen, booze is expensive. The worst part about drinking alcohol is that most of the time you have to pay for it. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian or Frankie Muniz, you’re gonna have to fork over some cash to get your buzz on. But these three blokes in England found a way to get around the pesky “paying for your alcohol” thing that we all hate.

On July 3rd, they went to a Sainsbury’s, which I guess is some British Wal-Mart or some shizz, and they loaded up a shopping cart and tried to just walk out with it. They were stopped by a security guard who was presumably like, “wtf,” and they abandoned ship and bounced. Undeterred, they returned back to the same exact Sainsbury’s two weeks later, but this time, their plan was much more foolproof.

They loaded up two shopping carts, or “trollies” as the Brits call ’em (haha, what idiots), and then on top of all the beer and liquor handles, they threw a bunch of potato chips to cover them up. They then proceeded to walk out of the store without batting an eye. WHAT A PLAN!

They just straight up walked out of the store. So much swag. I’ve never heard of a coordinated theft plan that had such little planning involved. I would’ve loved to have seen them sitting around drawing up the battle plans. “Mickey, that’s when you’re gonna take the whiskey and put it into the cart. Continue putting the whiskey in there until there is no room left. Tom, that’s when you throw on the chips. Nobody is going to suspect that anyone would care about chips enough to steal them. Then, we make our move and stroll out. Ready, break!”

They didn’t even go through the effort of picking a different Sainsbury’s to rob. It’s so bold and dumb that you have to respect it. I hope the party they had with all that stolen hooch was worth the eventual jail time they will serve!

[H/T Daily Mail]


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