Bro Finds A Girl’s Phone At A Party And Leaves An Inspirational AF Message For The Owner

As a professional Bro anthropologist, Bros like this guy give me hope for the future of the Bro species. When a girl named Megan left her phone at a party, this dude picked it up and gave the random stranger a little pep talk. He’s even rocking an Anaheim Ducks snapback. It’s the Bro equivalent of the Bill Pullman speech in Independence Day or Al Pacino’s locker room pep talk in Any Given Sunday.

“Hello. I don’t know who’s phone this is. I just found it. But, you’re beautiful. And you will always accomplish whatever your mind thinks it can do. So if you have a dream, go fulfill it. Go do it. Because you will succeed. Everything in this world is not promised. But if you make it promised it will be promised. God bless America. God bless you. God bless me. You the man…”

Whooooa. Deep, Bro. Deep. That laugh at the end is just… wow. Dude is Bro of the week for now until the end of the year.